Colour Converstations

Lets have a conversation on colour! Book a chat with me today and take the first step towards making over a room in your home. I can help you choose colours that will suit your personality and your home, brainstorm ideas and themes and give you confidence to introduce colour into your home. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance and encouragement in the right direction. 

What to expect from a colour conversation: 
  • €95 for 1 hour duration via Zoom
  • Up to 3 rooms covered in the session
  • Tips on where to begin with painting a room, choosing colours, flow of colour through your rooms, finish of paint to choose and lots more. 
We are spending more time at home, so creating surroundings you love and make you happy is more important than ever. Let me help you create the home you love. 

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It'll be the best chat you have all year - Michelle McCoy 

"We spent the guts of 2 years trying to find our house, and when we finally moved in I was overwhelmed with Instagram and Pinterest, that I really couldn't make a decision! We have been living in the house for nearly 9 months, so I felt comfortable understanding things like where the sunlight came in at certain times of the day and what feeling we wanted when we walk into each room, but just couldn't make it happen. 

When I spoke to Darran, he had all the hard stuff done for me - and instead of getting concerned about making the wrong choices, he promoted me with colour options and accessory ideas that work for our house ...not the Instagram house I kept being distracted by! He gave me so much positive affirmation that a week later I'm still buzzing with excitement, to finally start making this house feel like the home we've been longing for. Darran's passion for colour and interiors is infectious and you can't but feel more capable and in control after chatting to him. For anyone who is stuck in a bit of a rut, when it comes to home interiors, it'll be the best chat you have all year!" 

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