So Simple Sofas with DFS

The MYA Sofa from the DFS So Simple Sofa Range

Recently I had the opportunity to collaborate with DFS on a project to totally change my living room. It all started back when our home featured on RTE's Home of the Year. The one part of our home the judges felt didn't work was our living room. The space didn't make sense, it wasn't functional and the sofa was all wrong. To be fair, I had to agree. I panic bought a sofa just before we moved into the house. And as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman would say, Big Mistake, Huge! 

Living Area BEFORE Transformation

I never felt it was right for the space. I moved it around facing every which way, but still wasn't happy. As a result, we never sat there and the area became unused and a bit unloved. On reflection, I was so exhausted from all the renovation decision making, I didn't think the sofa purchase through. The take away lesson from that is never hurry your interior decisions - take your time and get it right.

Living Area AFTER Transformation

At a DFS event in May, I got chatting to Niamh O'Carroll (Director, O'Carroll Consulting) about how a sofa can make (or break) a room. I told her that I didn't know where to begin with choosing a sofa for my living space - I'd gotten it wrong before and I didn't want to make the same mistake twice.

A few weeks later Niamh invited me to travel to London on a press trip to check out the exciting new So Simple Sofa range by DFS, designed to make shopping for a sofa effortless and simple. A prayer had been answered! It was an amazing day in LABS House, Holborn, where I got to see the So Simple Sofa range for myself, sit on different styles and see how they might look in a home. I also met some fabulous people in the process. It was such a fun trip. 

Irish Crew in London at DFS So Simple Sofa Launch

At the launch, I fell completely in love with the MYA sofa. It was in Blush Quartz Pink and I kept going back to admire it. It was really comfortable too. I loved the deep button back and the bolster cushion. It was a take on a traditional style sofa but brought right up-to-date using a brushed linen fabric, in a really modern colour. It was luxurious, sleek and stylish and when I sat in it, I felt like I was transported to a really posh club!

See myself and the lovely Yvonne from YStyle enjoying a beverage on the MYA at the launch. It was exactly the style of sofa I needed for my living room. I knew that the shape was perfect and if I could enjoy a glass of bubbly on it in the showroom, I would certainly do the same at home. 

Myself And The Gorgeous Yvonne from YStyle at the Launch

After the launch, DFS very kindly gifted me the MYA sofa, an arm chair and footstool for my own home. It transformed the neglected space which is just off my kitchen. I knew from previous experience that buying a sofa can be overwhelming. There are so many styles, shapes and colours to choose from. With the So Simple range, DFS have taken the stress out this process and kept it simple.

The MYA Sofa

There are 3 steps when creating your perfect sofa:

Step one: choose your style - there are 8 gorgeous styles, something to suit everyones taste. 

Step two: choose your size - configure the sofa to suit your space. 

Step three: choose your fabric - leather, linen, velvet or wool - whatever takes your fancy. 

DFS will make your new sofa and deliver it to your door in about 6 weeks. The sofas are affordable, depending on your choices. They even unwrap and assemble your sofa on delivery and take away the cardboard and plastic. From the lovely Sam in DFS customer service, to the two delivery guys who carried in the new sofa, the service was 5 star.  

Living Area Now

Not one to do things by halves, the arrival of the MYA sofa, armchair and footstool inspired me to redecorate the living area. I choose a new colour, Dead Salmon for the walls and Down Pipe for the skirting (both from Farrow & Ball).  The colour compliments the blue kitchen and the pink sofa adds a nice pop of colour to the space. I also added new wall lights from HouseofDotCom.  The art, which had been on the long finger for months is now framed and hanging on the walls. 

MYA Armchair, Footstool & Two Seater Sofa

The MYA sofa, armchair and footstool have completely transformed how we use this space. The configuration of the armchair and sofa allow people to chat to each other. The footstool doubles as additional seating and a table. It is now the perfect space to chill out in with a glass of wine or a book. The So Simple range is the perfect solution for those of us who might be a little overwhelmed with sofa choices.  The option to have the style of sofa you love, in any colour and in any fabric really does make the process of choosing a sofa So Simple. 

If you would like to see my new sofa in situ and take a peak around my home, check out this cool GAFF Tour video made with the lovely Caroline & Jo from GAFF Interiors

Thanks again to DFS and O'Carroll Consulting for the opportunity to collaborate and to GAFF Interiors for the opportunity to do my very own GAFF Tour! 

For more information on the DFS So Simple range visit

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This post is a collaboration with DFS in return for product. All views and words are my own. 


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