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I haven't blogged since the end of March - My day job was hectic and there was a lot going on. I should have made more of an effort with the blog, but I'm hoping I can give more time to it over the coming weeks and months. There's lots to talk about and update you on anyway, so maybe a break was no bad thing. It's been up and down to say the least the past month. Just when we thought we were on track with the renovation we discovered that our roof was completely rotten and needed replacing. That wasn't a good week. We could have left it and hoped it held up for another year or so, but after much deliberating and discussion we decided to replace it while the house was the way it was. 

I'll explain all in my next post... but for now, lets get back to the progress since March inside and outside the house. 

New Landings go in
New Staircase is fitted
The photos above were taken the day our new staircase went in. I love it. It was made on site, which meant each measurement was accurate and it fits perfectly. If you have the option to do this, I would 100% recommend it. We have 4 levels now.... yes 4. We'll have to move when the day comes that we need a stair lift. It would never make it around the corners. 

The stud walls inside have also started. The one between the kitchen and utility room was the first to go up. Since that we have completed the downstairs toilet, the bedroom and master en suite. The house really started taking shape when these went in, it feels less like a building site and more like a house. 

View from kitchen

It's amazing how these things that happen in less than a day make it feel like the project is flying along, after months and months of demolition!  

Frame goes in for stud wall

OSB board in place 

View inside the utility room

The utility room pictured above is a really great size. This was on our wish list when we were planning the renovation. I think every home in Ireland could benefit from one. Given how bad the weather is most of the time, having a decent sized space to dry your clothes should be mandatory in all homes here!

One little job I want to start myself is removing the paint from the granite sills outside on the front of the house. I bought a product called Peel Away from the UK and can't wait to try it out. Why anyone would paint over the gorgeous granite is beyond me. I took a quick pic of one of our neighbouring houses and their natural granite sills and I think it looks so much better.

Ugly white paint on our sills

Natural granite on a neighbours window sill
That job is for a fine day, as it takes about 48 hours to remove it, but according to all the reviews online, it is the easiest way to remove the paint. I'll keep you all posted on the progress. I also have an old victorian cast iron fireplace for our front room which I intend on stripping back. Glad I finally now have some time to get started on these small projects and blog about them!

Hope you all have a good week & thanks for reading!



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