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Happy New Year!

2017 has kicked off to a great start - renovation wise anyway! Two weeks prior to Christmas we got the concrete floor poured. This is in my opinion the first step in moving the building forward, which is really positive because since the work began in September 2016 there has been so much demolition. We were getting to a point where we wondered if there was any of our old house left. (See last post questioning what we had done!!!)

Concrete Floor Poured in Kitchen/Utility Area

The plumber put in all the pipes for our water, radiators and gas. Then the floor was poured. We intend to polish this concrete so we had to contact the company prior to the floor being poured to ensure it was the right consistancy and would give us the right colour and effect. 

View from Main House to Extension 

The builder arrived four days before Christmas and started on the extension walls. There is not a huge amount of building required as we are putting a 4 metre wide glass door at the back, which basically covers the entire back wall of the house. The dividing wall between us and the next-door neighbour is good to build off (having had a discussion with them previously). They also extended their house and we are bringing our extension out in line with theirs. 

New Sitting Area

When the two bedrooms upstairs were being demolished and opened out into one room, we discovered lovely Dublin Yellow Brick in the dividing wall. It seemed a shame to throw them in the skip so we decided to reclaim as many as possible and build an exposed brick wall in the extension. This is where our dining table will most likely live. 

Exposed Reclaimed Brick Wall in Dining Area

Using parts of the old house in the new house really appeals to us. It is nice to keep the history of the house rather than throw it out. Our architect suggested a long narrow window be put in this wall to catch the sun as it moves around the house. This will hopefully provide some additional light and also some ventilation for the kitchen, as the kitchen is going into the old part of the house. 

Reclaimed Bricks Looking Well

Within a few days the outside walls were built and were left to set over Christmas. On the first day back in the New Year the steel arrived and was lowered onto the two back pillars. This really helped us see how the extension would look once the door went in. 

View from Garden
The house finally feels like it is moving forward. Over the next few weeks we will see substantial progress and changes. All going to plan, the house should be water tight by the end of January. The new windows are on order and the back door is purchased and should be ready to install in about two weeks. Our builders are roofing the extension next week weather permitting. 

Steel Beam in Place Ready for Glass Door

The joists upstairs are now also complete and a floor should be down next week also. Our old stairs has to be removed to make way for the new stairs which is currently being made. This will give us one continuous staircase right up to the second bedroom in the attic conversion. 

Master Bedroom Floor

Nice Tidy Site :) 

So watch this space! Now things are moving forward there is a lot more to blog about and discuss!! Follow progress on Instagram also @oldvictoriannew 

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